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Newsletter Februar

Expensive masking flavors for plant-based milk alternatives - not with us! Consumers are demanding plant-based alternatives to dairy products that mimic the authentic taste and texture of real dairy products. However, the rapid development of plant-based products can...

Newsletter BIOFACH

OPW Ingredients at the BIOFACH 2024 The world's leading trade fair for organic food will once again bring the organic community together in Nuremberg from 13 to 16 February 2024. OPW is looking forward to attending and presenting our latest organic innovations for the...

Newsletter October

WATER CONSUMPTION: ARE ALMONDS REALLY THE BAD GUYS? In the last ten years there has been a growing demand for healthier products and plant-based options within the food industry. The daily consumption of almonds helps to reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular...

September Newsletter

SECOND RATE OIL? NOT WITH US! In a market environment characterized by an almost unmanageable abundance of vegetable oils, almond oil with its outstanding properties is currently experiencing a remarkable growth in awareness. Almond oil is a pure and unadulterated...

Newsletter July

FORGOING INDULGENCE WITH PLANT-BASED ICE CREAM? NOT WITH US! For years, the plant-based food market has seen impressive growth, and the ice cream industry is no exception. Driven by a growing awareness of environmental protection, animal welfare and individual health,...

Newsletter June

COMPROMISING ON PLANT YOGURT? NOT WITH US! We stick to our guns: in the medium term, humanity will not be able to be fed by animal protein in the form of dairy and meat products. However, the current range of milk alternatives is characterized by gray or brownish...

Newsletter May

COLD-PRESSED OILS IN FOOD ONLY? NOT WITH US! Cold-pressed almond oil is considered a valuable vegetable raw material. No excessive heat is used in the production process, resulting in a pure, light-yellow oil. Because of its purity, it is mostly used in food...

cost saving potential for almond based products

EXPENSIVE ALMOND-BASED PRODUCTS? NOT WITH US! Plant-based products have become firmly established in the range of food retailers in recent years, examples being drinks and fermented products based on oats, coconut, rice and almonds. In this context, almonds are one of...

Newsletter November

INCREASING FOOD PRICES? NOT WITH US Shortage of raw material availability, delays within the supply chain, skyrocketing energy prices, rising cost for food; it is a time of massive disruption. The world needs change instead of sticking to the status quo. Plant-based...

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