Black cumin press cake

Ideal for mixed drinks or mueslis, fruit salads, yoghurts and many other dishes.


OPW Ingredients is your manufacturer and supplier for pelleted black cumin press cake / black cumin pellets in food grade.

Our black cumin press cake is made from 100% black cumin seeds of Syrian or Egyptian origin by partial de-oiling using cold pressing. As a by-product of oil production, our black cumin cake still contains around 10% of the valuable black cumin oil. Thanks to the gentle cold pressing, the precious ingredients and the essential oil are completely preserved.

  • Quality : conventional
  • Origin/Origin : Syria / Egypt
  • Application : pet food
  • Properties : spicy, bitter

Black cumin pellets are particularly suitable as a healthy single feed for horses , but can also be used as a Feed additive for dogs Find application.

  • Made from 100% black cumin seeds
  • Obtained through gentle cold pressing
  • With valuable essential oils
  • Approx. 10% residual oil content of valuable black cumin oil
  • Free from additives

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