rosehip seed oil

High-quality edible oil, cosmetically and pharmaceutically usable.


Rosehip seed oil, rosehip oil or wild rose oil is a popular vegetable oil that is obtained from the seeds of the rosehip fruit. Rosehip fruits only grow on wild rose bushes such as wild dog roses or dog roses. The plant was originally native to Europe, but nowadays it also grows in parts of America, Africa and Asia. Depending on the quality, rosehip seed oil has a light yellow to orange-red color. Thanks to its healing powers, the rosehip is becoming more and more popular. The by-product of oil production, the so-called oil cake, is also processed into rosehip seed flour and sold on.

  • Quality : cold pressed, cold pressed organic, refined, refined organic
  • INCI Name: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil
  • Origin/Origin : Chile, Europe
  • Application : cosmetics, food, pharmacy
  • Properties : vegan

Rosehip oil is used in cosmetics in many areas as an active ingredient oil. Due to the antioxidant effect and the beta-carotene, it is particularly recommended for facial care. Rose hip oil protects the skin from impurities and environmental influences and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Vitamins E and C prevent premature skin aging and give the skin a youthful freshness. The rosehip oil also regulates the natural moisture content of the skin and is therefore often found in ointments and creams.

  • absorbs quickly into the skin
  • anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory
  • prevents skin aging
  • ideal as an active ingredient for creams and ointments
In the pharmaceutical industry, rosehip seed oil is widely used in dermatological ointments and creams used to treat stretch marks, scars and skin burns. It is also used to treat gingivitis and strained oral mucosa.
  • Treatment of stretch marks, scars, burns
  • Treatment of inflammation of the gums and oral mucosa
Rosehip seed oil has a very high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids and is already attracting attention in haute cuisine as a delicate cooking oil for serving cold dishes.
  • Suitable for cold and warm dishes
  • High quality cooking oil

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