almond oil

High-quality edible oil, contains natural vitamin E.


Almonds, which are not strictly nuts but drupes, are mainly grown in warm regions such as Spain, Italy and California. Our Almond oil is produced by gently pressing and then filtering the ripe, peeled almonds.

  • Quality : cold pressed, cold pressed organic, cold pressed according to Ph. Eur. 9.0, refined organic
  • INCI Name: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil
  • Origin/Origin : Italy, Spain, California
  • Application : cosmetics, food, pharmacy, technology
  • Properties : vegan

Almond oil is a very popular care product and is ideal as a base oil for various cosmetic formulations. Due to its good skin tolerance, almond oil is preferably used for sensitive, dry skin and for baby and lip care products.

  • Contains natural vitamin E
  • Good skin tolerance
  • Ideal for sensitive, dry skin

The mild almond oil is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is often used as an ingredient in dermatological ointments because of its anti-irritant properties and deep nourishment for dry, cracked skin.

  • Component of dermatological ointments
  • Anti-irritant property

Roasted or cold-pressed quality is preferred as edible oil. Almond oil is a high-quality edible oil and is suitable for refining salads as well as for cooking, baking and deep-frying. Due to the delicate almond aroma, it is also ideal for the preparation of desserts.

  • Suitable for cold and warm dishes
  • High quality cooking oil

In addition to its use in cosmetics, pharmacy and food, almond oil is also ideal for the natural care of wood. It can also be used as a fine lubricant for watches or instruments.

  • Natural wood care
  • Fine Lubricant

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