walnut flour

For baked goods, smoothies and porridges. Intense nutty aroma.


A good walnut flour is of course only made from a high-quality and pure raw material. That is why only selected nuts are cold-pressed and the resulting walnut press cake is then ground into fine flour. The largest walnut markets in the world can be found in California, Iran, Mexico and Turkey. The further processing of the nuts into high-quality oil and flour then takes place in Europe. Harvesting walnuts begins in September and ends in October.

  • Quality : conventional
  • Origin/Origin : Austria, Eastern Europe
  • Application : food, bakery
  • Properties : gluten free, lactose free, vegan

Nut flours such as walnut flour are particularly popular in baking mixes for bread, biscuits or muffins. The heat from baking enhances the nutty flavor of the flour, making it very similar to the taste of toasted walnuts. The gluten-free alternative to flour refines baked goods, smoothies and porridges. However, nut flours alone do not always achieve the desired effect when baking like conventional wheat flour. It is therefore recommended to combine the flour with other gluten-free flours.

  • For baked goods, smoothies and porridges
  • Intense nutty aroma
  • Also ideal for athletes

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