almond protein

At OPW Ingredients, discover the micro-ground vegetable proteins for a wide range of applications in the field of plant-based nutrition.

Bright color

Light color due to blanched almonds.


Variety of tastes through adaptability.


Natural protein content is around 50%.

Super Powers Almond Protein Powder

  • Variety of tastes through adaptability
  • Light color made from blanched almonds
  • High protein content of approx. 50%
  • Likes to combine, special homogeneity due to large surface area, fully functional living protein
  • Comfortable mouthfeel
  • Likes to make itself bigger than it is in connection with your recipes
  • Mix in our ingredient and experience the plant-based revolution for your future products

Manufacturing 2.0

This is how innovation works with an existing production structure. Our almond protein powder made from high-quality raw materials ensures the well-known variety on your product line. It is characterized by its neutral taste and, as an adaptable carrier, supports sweet, fruity and savory dishes.

We are your reliable partner for the use of new plant-based application possibilities. Plant based. Better Life.

Fact check almond

  • The almond is a health-promoting drupe
  • It is alkaline and has a prebiotic effect
  • The bowls are versatile, they serve as animal feed and bedding, which avoids the cultivation of other crops.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases. Almond trees, through current cultivation practices, can save about 50% of carbon emissions.
  • Almond Life Cycle: Pause Flowering ➜ Growing ➜ Hull Splitting ➜ Harvesting ➜ Hulling and Sorting Storage and Delivery OPW To you to allow consumers to enjoy your plant-based products!

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