We are your reliable partner when it comes to pressing, filtering, filling and grinding high-quality natural products. We rely on state-of-the-art technology for our production.

As a producer of cold-pressed specialty oils and vegetable porteins, we have been working on the continuous optimization of our cold-pressing process in a joint project with Maschinenfabrik IBG Monforts in Mönchengladbach. The fully automatic control system, our silo and conveyor technology in the plant, and all upstream and downstream processes meet the industrial standards of tomorrow.

We are also setting new standards in research and development and in protein recovery from valuable raw materials. We offer innovative solutions for your plant-based products. True to our motto “PLANT BASED BETTER LIFE.”, we continuously research new possibilities and process only high-quality seeds. We focus on cold-pressed specialty oils as well as on the processing of plant-based proteins and flours obtained from the press cake, the plant residues from oil production.

A total of four pressing lines, each equipped with a silo and screw presses, ensure not only gentle extraction of specialty oils from various oilseeds, but also the very highest efficiency.

We consistently work without chemical additives and can adjust our production to soft and hard seeds as well as various nuts. Thanks to a patented process, we are able to work at very low temperatures despite high pressing pressure. The speciality oils produced on our equipment are of a particularly high quality compared to the refined oils obtained by the hot pressing process. The valuable vital substances, vitamins and the natural taste are completely preserved and make our natural specialty oils particularly high-quality. 

Our own tank farm enables us to store the oils, which can be filtered gently and without filter aids, and bottled and commissioned according to customer requirements. To ensure the highest product quality, we are able to monitor our production facilities from our smartphones and tablets.

We have thus created the possibility to monitor our entire plants online and via cameras, and thus to control them effectively. Based on the forward-looking, state-of-the-art infrastructure and the passion for our products, the continuous expansion of our facilities is an important part of our future project Industry 4.0.


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